The house consists of a basement and ground floor total area 350M2

The Omiros and Artimatas Constuctions Ltd, created by the shareholders of Omiros A. Nikoli and Christos A. Artimatas.

Omiros and Artimatas have had a significant impact on the building industry since 1976 operating under the name Omiros and Christos. They are licenced constructors, registered with the Council of Registrations and Control of Constructors, as well as being an active member of the Constructors of Famagusta and Cyprus.

Consequently, they have designed and built up units hotels, resorts, shops, offices, supermarkets, private homes, factory, warehouses, showrooms and hotel renovations in Famagusta, Larnaca, Nicosia and Limassol. The company has an experienced technical staff and reliable and experienced partners.

The Omiros & Artimatas Constructions Ltd is able to undertake the construction and completion of projects from the initial stage up to the full project delivery.


Hotel renovation during the winter 2012-2013




Renovated the reception area, restaurant, landscaping and add 19 suites.


• Ground floor: 1 big shop, warehouse, showrooms and offices

• Basement: warehouse

• Big parking 

store-renovation-articleUnder Construction 



• Total Area: 2000m2

• Ground Floor: Shops/Bank

• First Floor: Flats & Offices 

kokkinosThe supermarket is located in Paralimni. 


Two story house total area 250m2


Two story house total area 300m2 


Two story house total area 280m2 


Toxotis hotel is located in Protaras. The hotel has 52 rooms, restaurants and pools. 


The supermarket is located in Nicosia.


   The building was expanded in 2000.